Promedia Swab, 10ml

Article no: 2200001
  • Easy to use
  • No pipetting required
  • Sample can be dropped directly onto the plate
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The Swab System is designed for sampling on surfaces in the production environment. It consists of a sterile swab in a tube with 10 ml sterile PBS buffer for sampling, transport, and subsequent quantitative detection of present microorganisms in combination with Compact Dry and Easy Plate culture medium plates.

Using the swab stick, a surface is sampled. This sample is homogenously mixed in the buffer medium by vigorously shaking the tube. Subsequently, 1ml of the liquid is transferred onto a culture plate using the outlet at the bottom of the tube. The inoculated culture plates are incubated according to their specification and evaluated by counting the number of specific colonies.


Article Number 2200001 | 2200002
Shelf life Two years after manufacturing
Storage At room temperature (5 - 30 °C)

Kit components

Label Name of componentContent Quantity
1 Transport tube with outlet cap 1
2 Swab stick attached to the cap 1
3 PBS buffer 10 ml 1


Extraction procedure

  • Take out the swab and wipe a defined surface area.
  • Put the swab back into the tube. Shake the tube and invert to mix it.
  • Open the cap of the tip. By pressing the middle of the tube squeeze 1ml on the culture plates.
  • If necessary, prepare further series of 10 times sample dilution, and inoculate 1ml each in the middle of the culture plates.


  • Do not touch the swab.
  • Since Compact Dry detects up to 3 x 102 cfu colonies on plate, original solution may be inoculated direct on Compact Dry without any dilution in case the expected number of bacteria is less than 3 x 102 cfu.


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