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Compact Dry X-SA    Specification

Incubation time
24 ± 2 hours

Incubation temperature
35 ± 2 °C [AOAC]; 37 ± 1 °C [Microval, Nordval]

Interpretation of the results
Light blue/blue colonies are Staphylococcus aureus. Though some bacteria other than
S.aureus may also grow and form white and/or red purple colonies in this plate, only light blue/blue colonies should be counted. It is known that certain bacteria other than S.aureus, and some of them (genus Bacillus in particular) may grow and form light blue/blue colo-nies. It is easy, however, to differentiate them from S.aureus, because almost all of them form relatively large, matte and flat colonies only.

Storage and shelf life
Keep at room temperature
(+ 5 to +30 °C).
Total shelf life 18 months after manufacturing.

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