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Lucipac A3 Surface    Product


Remove the swabs (green holder) out of the socket.
If the surface is completely dry, moisten the swab with water.

Swab the item / surface to be investigated. We recommend to swab ca. 10 x 10 cm² area for an optimal evidence.

Re-introduce the swab int to the socket again.
Susequently press the stick through the first chamber and further down to the bottom in order to destroy the foils of both separated reaction chambers.

Horizontally shake the LuciPac A3 several times. See all the fluid being collected in the lower reaction chamber to dissolve the lyophylisized reagent..

Finally, intoduce the complete LuciPac A3 into the messuring chamber of the Lumitester PD-20/PD-30, and close the lit.

Press the ENTER button of the operator contol field to start the measurement. Results are available after 10 seconds.

Remove the socket of the LuciPac A3 out of the Luminometer device.

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