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Dilution Rack-MRD for Compact Dry, 9 mL    Product

Dilution rack for easy Serial Dilutions

The Dilution Rack contains 128 wells of 9 ml sterile NaCl. By pipetting 1 ml from one well to the next, it allows easy and fast 10-fold dilutions of your samples.

- Insert the Opener into the aluminium seal and pierce two holes. The opener can be decontaminated using either an alcohol solution/wipe or by placing directly into a flame.
- Dispense 1 ml of the specimen with a clean pipette into the holes.
- Insert a second pipette into the second hole and homogenize the specimen.
- Remove 1 ml of the homogenized specimen and place it onto the Compact Dry plate.
- To dilute further, repeat the above steps.
- Each vial contains 9 ml Phosphor buffered Saline.
- Can be stored anywhere at room temperature for up to 1 year

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