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Compact Dry CC    Produkt

Simple and Easy Dry Medium with catechin neutralizer for Total Viable Count

It is important to detect and measure the total viable count in foodstuffs and environment to monitor the degree of cleanness as well as their sanitary safety. Pour Plate method has been widely used to determine the microbial count, but preparation of medium is complicated. We have successfully developed Compact Dry CC based on new concept and technology that is applicable for catechin containing tea drink or antiseptic substance containing sample,
which requires a simple and easy manipulation to add a drop of specimen on the device.

Features and Benefits
  • Compact Dry CC neutralizes catechin in liquid sample: Accurate bacterial count is expected from tea drink.
  • Small and compact plate: Need only small physical spaces for storing, testing and incubating.
  • Ready to use and portable plate: No needs to prepare medium, which eliminates the waste of medium as well as the apparatus to prepare the medium. Good for an emergency and a field test.
  • Sample diffuses automatically and evenly into the plate: No needs of mixing and dilution after inoculation.
  • Dried plate and one year shelf life at room temperature: Easy to store. Once a liquid sample is dropped, the dry coated medium transforms to gel and the plate is ready to incubate.
  • Clear color development by redox indicator: Easy to read the results. Isolated colonies can be subcultured individually to the other media.
  • Good correlation with Pour Plate method: Maintain the continuity of data accumulated.

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