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Microbiological Testing of Industrial and Process Water

Water is needed in many areas of the industry, for example, to clean food, manufacture products, flush pipes, or perform chemical processes. The manufacturing industry, for example, required a total of 4.5 billion cubic meters of water in 2016.

To rule out a bacterial contamination, the water is tested for germ formation using microbiological nutrient plates. Recently, rapid methods such as fluorescence microscopic methods, flow cytometry as well as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) measurements have become increasingly popular. These are used to ensure the necessary quality of water and ensure in industrial processes.

HyServe provides safe testing solutions for microbiological testing of cooling tower water, industrial water, and process water.

Microbiological Analysis of Cooling Tower Water

There are more than 30,000 evaporative cooling plants, cooling towers, and wet separators in Germany. Operators are required to determine the chemical and microbiological condition of the make-up water by taking samples at regular intervals. The term process water includes both cooling water and boiler feed water.

The procedure for water testing is regulated tightly in many countries by local legislation. Among other things, they stipulate that systems must be regularly inspected for microbiological contamination.

Biological fouling can occur in cooling systems, leading to an increased number of germ colonies. As a result, pathogenic germs such as legionella and pseudomonads can spread easily.

Microbiological monitoring of water from evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers, and wet separators can be done easily and quickly using HyServe’s products to monitor the hygiene status of such systems.

Die mikrobiologische Überwachung von Wasser aus Verdunstungskühlanlagen, Kühltürmen und Nassabscheidern mit HyServe bietet eine schnelle und einfache Überwachung des Hygienestatus der Anlagen.

  • Determination of microbiological status
  • Maximum safety by preventing production disruptions
  • Process water and cooling water analysis
  • High sensitivity, even at low microbial counts
  • Real-time measurement of ATP+ADP+AMP

Microbiological Water Analysis for Industry with HyServe

For safe production and processing of products in the industry, water in sufficient quantity and of high quality are important prerequisites for the respective applications. Also, cooling towers are operated with water, which is required to meet high safety standards as well and includes the regular legally prescribed control of the process water. Water is indispensable in a wide range of technical applications and HyServe supports microbiological water analysis.

With the Lumitester Smart and LuciPac A3 Water, HyServe offers safe methods for determining water quality in industrial circulation. Our expertise and the patented A3 technology make us the ideal partner for microbiological analysis of process and industrial water and monitoring water quality.

In addition, our microbiological plates determine the live bacterial count in water samples and obtain specific detection of heterotrophic bacteria in water. The simple method for detecting microorganisms is easy to use and easy to store.

Solutions from HyServe are:

Lumitester Smart

LuciPac A3 Water

Compact Dry ETC

Compact Dry AQ

Compact Dry PA

Process Water for Different Systems

Wherever water is sprayed, germs can spread. The circulating water offers optimum temperatures for bacteria to grow, and its contact with the atmosphere also provides a rich source of food.

Cooling towers are not the only source of spread, as water is used for cooling or processing in many commercial settings or food production.

As process water, it is used in numerous industrial production processes in the form of solvents or transport media. For this purpose, it must meet a wide variety of criteria that are very specific and process-dependent. Safe operation is only possible with consistent water analysis.

The focus is on maximizing efficiency in the use of water. Sustainably germ-free process water is both an economic necessity as well as a social requirement.

Pure water is of outstanding importance, especially for the food and beverage industry (e.g. fruit juice producers, breweries), as any contamination can have a direct negative impact on product quality.

Industrial water analysis ensures the highest water quality and supports you as an operator of water supply systems. With our tests, you can prove the perfect quality of industrial water and carry out a risk assessment with the help of our microbiological water tests.

Industrial Process Water

Industrial process water should be hygienically safe, colorless, and free of suspended solids and odors. In the industrial sector, there are additional quality characteristics that the water must fulfill. Process water is often also referred to as service water or industrial water. It is not potable but must have a certain level of hygiene.

In the past, process water was obtained from river water and provided for industrial and commercial purposes. But when process water became more expensive than drinking water and it was no longer possible to feed river water into the network without treatment.

HyServe supports you with water tests for monitoring guidelines and limit values as well as for quality assurance of production processes in industrial companies. Monitoring pathogen counts and cell counts are particularly relevant.

With HyServe’s microbiological water analysis and Lumitester Smart, you can see at a glance whether your water meets the specifications. Microbiological analysis of water helps you identify potential contaminants and pathogens.


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