Water Quality

Water Disinfection for Highest Hygiene

Germ-free, i.e. absolutely clean water, is required in many processes, especially in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The treatment of drinking water for germ-free industrial plants also plays a major role in water hygiene. The quality of the water used can affect the efficiency and reliability of an entire production process.

Water hygiene addresses all water supply concerns and tests drinking water, bathing water, river water as well as industrial water, and process water for contamination. Water analysis is performed using special test procedures that are used in central water supply systems, small systems, individual and on-site water supply systems, and water treatment.

Water is very sensitive and reacts to various external as well as internal influences. Suitable processes are used to remove microorganisms from it, for which it is tested beforehand at specified process points. The detection of coliform bacteria in water indicates hygiene deficiencies. Alongside Salmonella, these bacteria are therefore also regarded as hygiene indicators.


HyServe meets the increasing challenges in water supply and treatment with state-of-the-art testing methods. This enables you to ensure high drinking water standards and compliance with environmental regulations for wastewater. At the same time, you can prove at any time that the water meets the respective requirements of the intended application.

  • Hygiene monitoring of liquids and water analysis
  • LuciPac A3 Water: results within 10 seconds
  • EC-Blue: results within 24 hours
  • Compact Dry: detect microorganisms by different colors
Water analysis with products from HyServe – EC Blue

The HyServe EC Blue Water Test allows a medium to be tested simultaneously for coliform and E.coli bacteria using the chromogenic enzyme substrate method (X-GAL-MUG method). The test for water quality testing is simple, fast, and safe. It indicates in a blue-green dye whether coliform bacteria are present in the sample.

While classical cultivation methods need about 3 days for the detection of coliform or E.coli bacteria, the EC Blue provides a reliable test result after only 24 hours. Detection by color reaction is reliable and easy to interpret. Suspended solids, turbid or yellowish, and chlorinated water samples usually do not interfere with detection.


Coliform bacteria test with Lumitester Smart and LuciPac A3 Water

Along with Lumitester Smart, you can check the cleanliness of water with LuciPac A3 Water, an innovative ATP test. The patented A3 technology tests samples for ATP+ADP+AMP, making it far superior to conventional ATP tests.

The quantitative and qualitative test method identifies pathogenic bacteria that may be a sign of inadequate water treatment or inadequate microbiological control of cooling circuits or other industrial processes.

Benefits of LuciPac A3 Water:

  • For hygienic control of water
  • Patented ATP / ADP / AMP luciferase technology
  • Results after 10 seconds
  • For improving processes following the HACCP concept
  • Significantly higher sensitivity to detect microorganisms and biofilms
Testing water quality – The German Drinking Water Ordinance

For many years, the German Drinking Water Ordinance has regulated the regular testing of drinking water for harmful substances. Especially for harmful substances such as nitrate or chloride as well as microbial contamination, the legislator has set strict limits in this country.

Drinking water is considered the most strictly controlled foodstuff in Germany, and only perfect drinking water may be put into circulation.

Compliance with the strict limit and precautionary values is ensured either by recognized laboratories or by the public health authorities. But consumers can also check the water quality themselves with simple tests.

More than 70% of our drinking water comes from groundwater, the rest is made up of spring water, surface water, and bank filtrate. This raw water is treated in waterworks by chemical and physical processes to produce drinking water.

Solutions from HyServe are:

Lumitester Smart

LuciPac A3 Water

Compact Dry ETC

Compact Dry AQ

Compact Dry PA


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