Lucipac Pen

Article no: 1002671
  • Fast and easy sampling
  • Hassle free quick measurement in 10 seconds
  • Sensitive and reproducible tests
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LuciPac Pen allows rapid detection of organic material (food residues & microorganisms) on product contact surfaces. It is used as a monitoring tool for the effectiveness of implemented cleaning and disinfection processes.

Lucipac Pen along with Lumitester Smart allows quantitative detection of the intra- and extracellular Adenosine Triphosphates (ATP) as well as Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP). Improper cleaning leaves behind organic residues which contain detectable ATP & AMP. Thereby indicating the cleanliness levels of surfaces instantaneously.

This kit is intended to be used to quantify total amounts of organic residues and does not aim to test or identify specific types of pathogenic bacteria.

Scope of delivery

  • 100 Swabs/Kit (5 packs with 20 swabs each)


Article Number 1002671
Storage 2-8°C, DO NOT FREEZE
Shelf life 15 Months (after production date)


Extraction procedure

  • Pull the cotton swab stick out of the main body, and, when the test object is dry, moisten the swab with tap water (If the luminescence level of tap water shows high, we recommend letting the water flow for a few minutes or cleaning the tap outlet).
  • Swab the test object with the swab stick (10x10 cm).
  • Place the swab stick back into the body whilst pushing the tip all the way through to the test tube.
  • Shake the whole body of the Lucipac Pen back and forth several times so that any remaining liquid in the capsule falls into the test tube. This will also allow the luminescence reagent to dissolve completely.
  • Insert the whole body of the LuciPac Pen into the measurement chamber of Lumitester Smart and close the chamber cover.
  • Press the ‘ENTER’ button. The results are obtained in 10 secs.


CoA expiry 2022
CoA expiry 2023


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