Listeria Swab

Article no: 1000100
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Self-contained test
  • Viability of organisms for further testing in labs
  • Distinct colour change in medium straw/light brown to black
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Listeria Swab is designed to minimize the risk of contamination of work areas or finished products by Listeria spp. in particular L. monocytogenes. It is a simple diagnostic test that can be applied in the environment and on foodstuff where presence of Listeria spp. would be critical.

The test is based upon an enhanced Esculin medium formation. The hydrolysis of Esculin by Listeria spp. results in the formation of a distinctive black colored precipitate.

The tip of the swab used in this test is composed of Calcium Alginate. This formulation allows the tip to dissolve completely when immersed in the medium, ensuring that all organisms collected during sampling will come into direct contact with the medium.

Scope of delivery

  • 25 pcs/Box
  • 125 pcs / box


Article Number 1000100 (25 Pcs) / 1000100L (125 Pcs)
Measurement time Test time: 2-5 mins / Incubation time: At 37° C for up to 48 hours
Storage +5 to +25° C
Shelf life 12 months
Length of Swab 15 cm


Extraction procedure

  • Peel back wrapper to expose both caps.
  • Remove swab and sample test site by rubbing swab over as large an area as practicable.
  • Remove cap of culture tube with thumb and forefinger and discard.
  • Insert swab in culture tube and push down fully to immerse the swab completely
  • Fill in time, date and site details.
  • Incubate at 37° C for up to 48 hours.
  • Read results. A positive result is indicated by a color change fromLight Brown Agar to Black/Dark Brown. A negative result shows no colour change.
  • Record results and dispose of tube. The lid of the tube must NOT be removed after incubation of the sample.


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