LED Calibration Kit for Lumitester PD 20/PD 30/Smart

Article no: 1002657
  • Electric method using LED
  • No radioactive fluorescence
  • Stable light generated by automatic light control
  • Rechargable battery
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The Lumitester Control Kit makes your hygiene controls even safer. It checks the accuracy of the Lumitester in just 30 seconds. It allows continuous self checking and verifies both the perfect state and correct function of the Luminometer.

The Control Kit consists of a control stick (positive control), a negative control and a charger with a power-supply unit. It can be used exclusively on Lumitesters from models PD20, PD30 and Smart.
You can use the control stick to validate whether the measurement results of the Lumitester still fall within the specification. Unlike the products of competitors, no radioactive substances are used.

The positive control is based on an artificial green LED light source that emits an accurately defined, preset and calibrated quantity of light. This quantity of light is measured in the Lumitester in the same way as the LucipacPen swab. If the target value between 80 and 120 % printed on the Control Kit is recovered, the Lumitester is in perfect condition. In the case of a higher deviation, the chamber of the Lumitester must be cleaned in accordance with the procedure described in the operating instructions.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Calibration Kit


Article Number 1002657
Test duration 10 sec

Kit components

Label Name of componentContent Quantity
1 Light source (positive rod) 1
2 Blank Tube (negative rod, typical 0 RLU) 1
3 AC/DC adaptor for charge (Output DC 5V 3A) 1
4 AC power cord, A plug type 1
5 AC power cord, C plug type 1
Case 1


Extraction procedure

  • Connect the control swab to the power supply and charge for at least 30s, prior to use
  • Switch on the Lumitester and insert the control stick into the measuring chamber of the Lumitester.
  • Close the device. Press the "Enter" button and read the result from the display. For checking the measurement results, you can find the target value in RLU (Relative Light Units) on the label of the control stick. If an RLU value between 80 and 120 % of the printed target value is achieved, and a value below 10 RLU is measured in the negative control, then the Lumitester is providing perfect results. If this is not the case, please follow the troubleshooting in the manual.


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