Histamine Check Swab

Article no: 1 061 342
  • Color change indicating Histamin content
  • Simple & easy test
  • No instrumentation required
  • Fast results
  • No special training required
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The Histamine Check Swab is to be used to assay histamine contained in food samples by means of a colorimetric reaction. Assay results can be checked by the changes in reagent color. Comparing changes in color with the color chart will provide a rough understanding of histamine content.

The assay method of this product incorporates enzymes that act specifically on histamine. In the presence of tetrazolium salt and electron acceptors, histamine dehydrogenase acts on tetrazolium salt to produce formazan dye (purple). As formazan dye concentration varies depending on histamine concentration, a rough understanding of histamine concentration in sample can be obtained by making a comparison with the color chart.

This product simplifies the process of identifying histamine concentration in assay samples, but it is neither intended as a precise quantification of histamine or an official analytical method.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Box, 40 assays (20 x 2 aluminum bags)


Article Number 1 061 342
Measurement time: 5 mins
Storage 2-8 ℃ (Do not freeze)
Quantitative Range 20–80 ppm (In case of fish sauce: 5 times diluted fish sauce will be 100-400 ppm)
Detection Method Visual reading of colorimetric reaction


Extraction procedure

  • Take the product out of the refrigerator and bring it up to room temperature (18 - 30℃). After being brought up to room temperature, the product should be used as quickly as possible
  • Dilute an assay sample by two to five times. Solid form assay samples should be minced. False positives may be prevented by heating the diluted sample.
  • Pull out the swab stick from the main body.
  • Soak the swab in the diluted sample. If the assay sample is a solid form, do not allow any solid object to stick to the swab.
  • Return the swab stick to the main body and push it through all the way into the main body.
  • Hold the main body and shake it. The leftover colorimetric reagent will fully dissolve.
  • After five minutes, check the coloration of the reaction solution. A rough understanding of the histamine concentration can be obtained by making a comparison of the color with the color chart.



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