Histamine Assay

Article no: 1 061 341
  • Easy to Extract- No cleanup of interfering substances required
  • Easy to Use
  • High Accuracy
  • No other chemicals required
  • AOAC-RI PTM-Certified
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Histamine Test is a colorimetric enzymatic assay for the quantitative analysis of histamine in fresh fish, frozen fish and canned tuna (thick broth may affect the test results). This test does not require any purification to remove substances that interfere with the assay, which is needed in HPLC method or AOAC methods.

Histamine dehydrogenase catalyses the oxidation of histamine. This reaction in the presence of 1-methoxy-5- methylphenazinium methylsulfate (1-methoxy PMS) can produce colored tetrazolium salt that can be measured around 470 nm. This test is an AOAC-RI PTM-Certified method for Histamine analysis.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x 60 determinations/box


Article Number 1 061 341
Measurement time: Total: 1 hr (From sample preparation to result) - 45min sample preparation / 15 mins reaction time
Storage 2-8 °C

Kit components

Label Name of component Content Quantity
1 Enzyme reagent (lyophilisate) 6
2 Colorimetric reagent (lyophilisate) 6
3 Histamine Standard solution 1
4 Buffer 3


Extraction procedure

  • In a first step the Sample is prepared for analysis, using 10 grams of starting material. Next, the sample solution, water, histamine buffer, enzyme solution and and colometric solution are being combined as per instructions. After a short incubation absorbance of these samples (and the blank) is meassured at 470nm to dertermine histamine levels.
  • For detailed instructions, please consult the manual.



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