Easy Plate AC

Article no: 1061980
  • Simple operation, reliable results
  • AOAC PTM certified
  • High accuracy
  • Ready-to-use, place a sample suspension onto the plate and start incubation
  • Very little incubation space and reduced waste
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Easy Plate AC is a microbiological culture device made up of a waterproof sheet, a readymade dry medium on the sheet and a transparent cover over the medium. The Easy Plate AC method is intended to indicate the level of aerobic bacteria in food products as an alternative to the Microbiological Methods (AOAC Official Method 966.23 and US Food and Drug Officials Bacteriological Analytical Manual Chapter 3).

It is compact, easy to use, and reduces the total amount of waste produced during testing. The Easy Plate AC method has been granted AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods SM (041302) for raw beef, raw ground beef, roast beef, raw ground pork, Chinese barbeque pork, bacon, ham, cooked pork sausage, frankfurter, raw chicken, raw ground chicken, lettuce, blueberries, raw shrimp, raw salmon, raw tuna, pasteurized milk, natural cheese and dry pet food.

During preparation of the plates for incubation, no additional tools are required. This due to the hydrophobic ring around the culture area, which helps with the automatic spreading of the sample on the culture area.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x 100 plates/pack


Article Number 1061980
Target microorganisms Aerobic Bacteria
Incubation time 48 hrs +/- 2 hrs
Incubation temperature 35°C +/- 1°C
Shelf life 18 months after manufacturing
Storage 2-8°C


Extraction procedure

  • Prepare the sample according to the manual
  • Draw up 1 ml of sample solution into a pipette and flip open the cover of the plate. Pipette the sample solution onto the plate and close the cover.
  • Incubate according to the manual.


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