Dilution Rack- PBS for Compact Dry

Article no: 1 000 888
  • Easy preparation of a dilution series
  • Pre-alliquoted diluent
  • Time and cost-efficient
  • Storage at room-temperature
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The Dilution Rack- PBS for Compact Dry helps you to dilute samples efficiently and fast, without any further time-consuming preparation. It comes sterile and ready-to-use.

Dilution Rack PBS, contains phosphate buffered saline as diluent.

By adding 1ml of sample to the first well, mixing, and transferring 1ml from that well to the next, a 1:10 dilution series is prepared very easily.

Scope of delivery

  • 128 wells in 32 racks of 4 separable wells each (9 ml each)


Article Number 1 000 888
Volume 9ml/well
Storage keep at room temperature
Shelf Life 2 years after manufacturing


Extraction procedure

  • Punch two holes into the foil of each of the wells.
  • After preparing the homogenized sample, drop 1 mL of the sample with a sterile pipette into the well through one of the holes. (for a ten times dilution, 10-1)
  • Mix by pipetting up and down.
  • Use a new pipette, entering through the other punch hole and draw up 1 mL and transfer onto a Compact Dry plate (see below).
  • In order to generate further dilutions, transfer 1 mL sample to the next well (dilution 10-2) and so on. Repeat this step until you get to the dilution calculated.


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