Compact Dry PA

Article no: 1002947
  • Ready and easy to use portable plate: Preparation of medium is not required, which eliminates waste of medium as well as sterilizing apparatus to prepare the medium.
  • Detection of colonies on plate is simple and clear.
  • Single colonies on the plate can be isolated for further identification tests
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Compact Dry PA is a ready to use plate for detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a rod-shaped, gram-negative, aerobic bacterium that can move in the medium via its unipolar flagella. During the incubation of the Compact Dry PA plate, the growing colonies of P. aeruginosa develop a red color caused by the redox indicator tetrazolium salt contained in the medium. It is distinguished from other pseudomonas by the formation of a greenish-yellow halo around the colony.

Scope of delivery

  • 1400 Plates
  • 500 Plates
  • 240 Plates
  • 40 Plates


Article Number 1502949 | 1002949 | 1002948 | 1002947
Incubation time and temperature 45 - 51 hours at 34 - 36 °C
Shelf life 12 months after manufacturing
Storage Room temperature (+ 1 to + 30 °C)


Extraction procedure

Sample pretreatment

  • Viable count in water or liquid foodstuff
    • Drop 1 ml of specimen (dilute if necessary) on the middle of the Compact Dry plate.
  • Viable count in water using membrane filtration
    • Add 1 ml diluent, e.g. Peptone water or other appropriate diluent according to EN ISO 6887 in the middle of the plate. Filtrate 100 ml of water sample (or more e.g. 250 ml for bottled water) using a 47 mm diameter, sterile membra-ne with 0.45 µm pore size. Directly after the end of filtration apply the filter on the pre-moisturized Compact Dry plate. Take care that the filtration side is upwards.
  • Viable count in solid foodstuff
    • Add appropriate volume of buffer solution (e.g. PBS, 1 part solid foodstuff + 9 parts buffer) to the sample and homogenize using a stomacher® and suitable stomacher® bags. Drop 1 ml of homogenized sample (dilute if necessary) on the middle of the dry sheet of the Compact Dry plate.
  • Viable count in swab test specimen
    • Use the Compact Dry Swab offered by HyServe Id-No. 1 002 952/3 (40/240 pieces and wipe an appropriate area of the surface and put it back into the device with wiping solution. Shake the closed device vigorously. Drop 1 ml of wiping solution (dilute if necessary) the middle of the Compact Dry plate

Test instructions

  • Open the cap and drop 1 ml of specimen on the middle of the Compact Dry plate.
  • Specimen diffuses automatically and evenly into the sheet and transforms the dried sheet into a gel within seconds.
  • Put the cap again on the plate and write the information needed on the memorandum section.
  • Turn over the capped plate and put in the incubator.
  • After incubation count the number of colored colonies underneath the plate. White paper placed under the plate helps to count the colonies.


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