Coliform Swab

Article no: 1 000 101
  • Easy to use
  • Distinct color change from purple to yellow
  • No additional reagents required
  • LOD 1cfu/cm2
  • Room temperature Storage
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Escherichia coli and Coliforms are traditionally used as indicator organisms for faecal contamination in water and other environmental sample. Detection of these organisms usually points to poor hygiene. Coliform Isolation Transwab® (MW503) provides a simple method for detecting these organisms.

This test consists of a swab for collecting the sample and a tube of indicator medium, packed together in a convenient peel pouch which can be stored at ambient temperature.

The coliform swabs show a definite colour change from purple to yellow when coliforms are present. The test is completely self-contained and requires only a means of incubating the swab at 37°C.

Scope of delivery

  • 25 pcs/Box


Article Number 1 000 101
Measurement time Incubation time: 18-24 hours at 37ºC / Test time: 2-5 mins
Storage +5 to +25° C
Shelf life 12 months
Length of Swab 15 cm


Extraction procedure

  • Peel back wrapper to expose both caps.
  • Remove swab and sample test site.
  • Remove cap of culture tube with thumb and forefinger and discard.
  • Insert swab in culture tube and push down fully to immerse the swab completely
  • Fill in site details, etc.
  • Incubate at 37ºC for 18-24 hours.
  • Read results. A positive result is indicated by colour change from purple to yellow. A negative result shows no colour change.
  • Dispose of tube.



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