Allergen Lateral Flow Rapid Test Pro Kit: Soya

Article no: 1 500 005
  • Allergen detection in highly processed and heated foods
  • Easier handling and lower cost than ELISA
  • Ready to use extraction solution
  • No extra buffer or solutions required for testing
  • LOD: 5ppm
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Lateral Flow Rapid Test Pro is a qualitative test in lateral flow immunoassay format for visual detection intended for a quick assessment of protein from allergenic ingredients in samples. It determines quickly whether or not target proteins reside in food, including unprocessed foodstuffs and processed products. Its application also extends to target proteins in swabs.

This kit detects target proteins specifically, by the use of antibodies highly specific for target protein. The novel extraction solution provided with the kit enhances the extraction recovery yield of target proteins from test samples, even from extensively processed foods, leading to more reliable results than ever

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Box with 10 tests


Article Number 1 500 005
Measurement time Sample preparation time: within 30 min / Assay time: 15 min
Working temperature 20− 30 °C
Storage temperature 2-8°C (35-46°F), DO NOT FREEZE.


Extraction procedure

For food sample (Recommended Extraction Method)

Sample Extraction

  • Grind and mix the test food sample to homogeneity with a contamination free homogenizer/blender.
  • Put 1.0 g of the homogenized sample in a polypropylene tube (L) and add 1 pack of Extraction Solution
  • Vortex the capped tube for 30 seconds.
  • Place the capped tube in over 90°C (194°F) water for 10 minutes.
  • Place the tube under running water to cool down to ambient temperature
  • Vortex for 30 seconds.
  • Stand the tube for a few minutes to let the sample settle down, and then collect the supernatant as Sample Extract.

Preparation of Test Solution

  • Dispense 900 μL of Diluent with a pipette (L) into a polypropylene tube (S).
  • Add 100 μL of Sample Extract with a pipette (S) to the polypropylene tube (S) containing 900 μL of Diluent and mix well. The resulting solution is referred to as Test Solution.

Assay procedures

  • Place a Test stick horizontally and add 200 μL of Test Solution to the sample application slot.
  • Incubate 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • Interpret the results:
    • A) Positive: A red-purple line in the test window together with red color in the confirmation window.
    • B) Negative: No line in the test window together with a red color in the confirmation window.
    • C) Invalid: No color in the confirmation window.

Further protocols for swab and rinse water samples, as well as simplified protocols, are available in the manual.



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