The Lumitester Smart allows the rapid detection of microbial and food residues using the ATP method. Thanks to its patented A3 technology, it detects even the smallest traces of ATP+ADP+AMP.

Allergen Management

The Morinaga Allergen Test ELISA II offers robust and efficient protein extraction from complex, heat-treated, and processed foods as well as excellent specificity.

LuciPac A3 Filter Assay

Rapid Microbiological Detection with A3 Technology.
Using an added filtration step, this test can distinguish between extra- and intracellular A3.

Who we are

Quality control and food safety: Protecting your health through microbiological know-how – that’s what HyServe stands for.

Since 2003, HyServe has been your partner for all aspects of hygiene monitoring and microbiological testing procedures.

As a distribution partner of renowned companies, we have made it our business to provide our customers worldwide with the most innovative and best methods for detecting contamination in water, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical raw materials or on surfaces.

Our promises

  • Highest quality of test procedures
  • Fast and competent customer service
  • Easy handling and fast results on-site
  • Internationally certified procedures
  • Rapid shipping

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